New product – SeaSucker HUSKE Universal fork holder

New product – SeaSucker HUSKE Universal fork holder

In recent years, manufacturers have adopted and introduced new standards for front wheel mounting. The two best known and most used today are the quick coupler, the so-called Quick-Release and fixed axle (Thru-Axle). The quick coupler has an integrated lever, after which the wheel seems to fall out of the fork. Therefore, we also call these types of forks “drop out” forks.

The “Thru-Axle” uses a retractable fixed axle to hold the wheel, which can have a diameter of 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm or 20 mm. The width of the forks can also have several dimensions, and therefore, before using the aero roof rack, there are challenges and questions regarding the choice of the type and method of mounting the fork. It was for this problem that SeaSucker developed a universal fork mounting system called HUSKE.

So, what exactly is HUSKE? The name is an acronym for the English “HUb Standards Keep Evolving”. The basis is a universal holder into which it is possible to insert the ends corresponding to the required type of wheel mounting. The result is the possibility of transporting the following types of bicycles.

  • 9 mm x 100 mm QR Quick-Release
  • 12 mm x 100 mm Fixed axle (Thru-Axle)
  • 15 mm x 100 mm Fixed axle (Thru-Axle)
  • 15 mm x 110 mm Fixed axle (Thru-Axle)

These types are the four most commonly used configurations. As this segment changes and evolves in the future, SeaSucker will also adapt its end adapter kits.

Order the new SeaSucker HUSKE universal holder and the corresponding end adapters to it. SeaSucker Slovakia already offers a universal HUSKE system and also four types of end adapters, which we write about above.

The HUSKE Seasucker is listed as a separate product, which you can purchase separately, or as a set with the appropriate end adapters. We have also created separate product cards for each type of end adapter, which you can also order separately. Below are links to these products.

  1. HUSKE universal fork holder.
  2. 9 mm x 100 mm QR – set of end adapters + quick release
  3. 12 mm x 100 mm Fixed shaft – set of end adapters
  4. 15 mm x 100 mm Fixed shaft – set of end adapters
  5. 15 mm x 110 mm Fixed shaft – set of end adapters

If you need to carry bicycles with a different type of wheel mounting configuration, it is possible to use a separate SeaSucker HUSKE holder without end adapters.

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