Seasucker HOGG adapter

Seasucker HOGG adapter
  • Adapter for use with TALON, MINI BOMBER, BOMBER and KOMODO carriers
  • Allows you to transport the front wheel along with the bike
  • Only wheels with 9mm quick release
  • Solid aluminum alloy with surface treatment
  • Load capacity 1 wheel
  • Made in the USA

HOGG – a revolutionary adapter for mounting the front wheel:

The Seasucker HOGG adapter was created as a solution for our premium Komodo carrier, but it can be used with any of our carriers. Hogg is supplied as a wheel axle mount with a quick-release screw. The adapter includes an external thread bolt, which you can replace with a standard rear wheel axle bolt. You can then simply insert the front wheel into the Hogg adapter hole and tighten with a quick release. If you want to use Hogg with more than one bike, you can only buy another – extra screw at this link. Comes with a tape that secures the wheel against unwanted rotation.