Seasucker MINI BOMBER 2-bike

Seasucker MINI BOMBER 2-bike

NEW for 2019 is the universal fork holder HUSKE, which can be equipped with a set of end adapters corresponding to the required type of wheel mounting. Seasucker carriers are supplied as standard with a 9 mm quick release, but you can exchange this for the type of your choice.

If you have 2 bicycles and each with a different fork, it is possible to use a Mini Bomber with a double mount, e.g. for 9 mm quick release and also 15 mm fixed axle. It is also possible to purchase an ADD ON adapter to attach the front wheel (only with a 9 mm quick release) separately next to the bike on the carrier. Each suction cup has an integrated mini pump with a built-in vacuum indicator, which alerts you when the vacuum needs to be “replenished”. During normal operation, the vacuum in the suction cups lasts 4-6 hours, and even after this time they gain full strength by quick and easy pumping. Installation is so simple and the parts are compact and easy that driving with these carriers is a real pleasure. Mini Bomber is a practical carrier for 2 bicycles and its biggest advantage is versatility

  • Load capacity 44 Kg (2 – bicycles)
  • Contact surface width 70 cm (bracket thickness 20 mm)
  • Installation anywhere on the vehicle, ideally on the roof of the car
  • Diameter 1 suction cup – 15 cm
  • Choice of fork holder – 9 mm quick release, fixed axle MTB 12/15/20 mm
  • For all car body surfaces – steel, glass, fiberglass
  • Rear wheel mounts – VELCRO tape
  • ISO / City crash test: Yes

Seasucker carriers do not leave scratches on the body, they are resistant to UV radiation and other weather conditions. Even frosts and sub-zero temperatures are not a problem. Designed for placement on the roof or rear door – car glass to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the bike being transported. The suction cups are made of polyethylene (HDPE), which is highly strong and durable, but at the same time soft to copy the round curves of the body. Their construction is designed as a super fast, and most importantly durable solution – 1 suction cup can withstand a tensile pressure of up to 95 Kg!