Vacuum car carriers – unsurpassed versatility

Vacuum car carriers – unsurpassed versatility

SeaSucker are the easiest-to-assemble car carriers – you can connect and disconnect them in seconds. They are incredibly powerful, light, compact, ideal for riders who travel often by bike. They can be used on almost any vehicle without skis, crossbars or special adapters!

Why SeaSucker?

With traditional bike racks, you need to find the right stand so that it can be placed exactly where you want to attach it. In addition, they are cumbersome, complicated to install and simply ugly. But with SeaSucker bike carriers, it’s quite simple, you just need to find some free space in the car … clean, moisten and pump! SeaSucker carriers can be used in various places – on the trunk of the vehicle, on the roof, or even on the glass on your SUV. No vehicle anchoring or expensive special adapters, simply unbeatable versatility and super fast installation and disassembly. Plus, they look great! Say goodbye to classic, bulky and impractical carriers!

Better technology, better bike carriers

SeaSucker bike carriers have a built-in hand mini pump, which allows you to create a vacuum with a maximum force of more than 90 Kg per 1 suction cup! This is really a force, and if you combine several SeaSucker suction cups together on one carrier, the resulting force will exceed all table values. All you need to make it work is a smooth clean surface, such as metal or glass on your car. In addition, there is no danger of damaging the paintwork of your vehicle, such as for magnetic carriers. Seasucker carriers are designed from elements with high resistance to weather conditions – they were originally developed for long-term use in salt water, so you can certainly imagine what they will last.


The garages are full of carriers that do not fit exactly on the vehicle or are simply sacramentally difficult to assemble. You can install SeaSucker carriers on almost any car in a matter of seconds. You do not need to have support rails or straps on the roof of the car. You just moisten the suction cups and pump out the air. The racks for 1 bike are so compact that you can easily throw them in your luggage for a later bike trip.

Pulley safety insurance for the vehicle

SeaSucker car carriers are designed so that they can be easily and quickly removed from the vehicle. However, the manufacturer has come up with a way to protect the carrier itself and your bike even when you are not with your car. It is a steel anchor with an eye for a pulley in the window version, which catches on the edge of the window, or on the luggage compartment anchor – it attaches to the joint of the rear door cover. Both versions create a fixed anchor point for use with a standard lockable pulley (steel cable with lock). The anchors are made of high quality polished stainless steel. This little miracle will give you safety when you leave your bike mounted with the carrier on the car.

What are the limits?

The SeaSucker bicycle carrier, with all suction cups fully engaged, reliably holds a bicycle of up to 20 kg (one bicycle each) at a speed of up to 120 km / h. The vacuum indicator on the mini pump warns you that the suction cups need to be pumped.

How to use

Pumping to create a vacuum in the suction cups – place the SeaSucker carrier on a clean car surface and pump the air out of the suction cups with the integrated mini pump until the vacuum indicator on the pump is visible. When the pump is completely in the housing and the indicator is not visible, SeaSucker is in full force. When getting in and out of the vehicle, you should check the indicators on the suction cups and if a white band is visible on the indicator (pump), simply re-pump this suction cup before you set off again. To remove the SeaSucker from the vehicle, use the integrated latch on the suction cup, which raises its edge and breaks the vacuum. Almost all models are equipped with holes and slots for attaching straps and bungee cords. If the SeaSucker does not hold the vacuum for at least 4 hours, it must be cleaned, repaired or replaced.


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